Track The Movement January 2019

It was a busy year for our alumni in 2018. We were so excited in September when Michael Jacques and Brittany Manu were elected to Community Living Ontario’s Board of Directors. The two, with strong and experienced voices, will bring their knowledge of youth’s perspective to decision making tables within the Community Living movement and continue to grow spaces for youth voice and leadership as we work together to build strong communities. Congratulations to Michael and Brittany!



On another note, Michael Jacques released his book Can’t Read, Can’t Write, Here’s My Book on June 10th, 2018. It’s been a big year for Michael travelling across Canada to share the news about his work. To date, Michael has co-hosted TSN sports, was interviewed on a variety of televised platforms and presented to corporations like Apple Canada as well as students in schools all over Ontario. We are so excited to see that people are taking up the call to read about Michael’s journey as he has been such a great role model for inclusion and a big part of the R4I movement. Check out Michael’s website to track his presentations HERE.


Duncan Phelps had the opportunity to speak with Derek Roy, (Manager Community Supports at Community Living Essex) and Joe Dale, (Executive Director at Ontario Disability Employment Network) at Community Living Ontario’s conference in September. He spoke about the challenges and successes he’s experienced while entering the workforce. Duncan spoke with confidence as he shared his experiences. Way to go Duncan!



It is exciting to know that young leaders in Ontario, even after high school, are finding ways to connect to the inclusion movement and bridge the gaps in our society that exist for people who have an intellectual disability. Inclusion is a lifestyle, not a hobby.

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