DISRUPT! Educational Workshop Series 2022

Creative, Innovative and Interactive

Re:Action4Inclusion is launching the DISRUPT! – Educational Workshop Series 2022

DISRUPT! will present a series of educational workshops for ALL students, youth, supporters, teachers, educators, self–advocates and passionate community-builders. The workshops will take place once a month from February until June 2022. The themes of the workshops are designed for like-minded youth to come together to exchange ideas, share powerful stories and learn more about creative ways to promote an inclusive Canada. ALL youth, with and without a disability, are welcome to join these conversations. YOU are the leaders we are looking for!  

More Workshops Designed For You!


Now you see me, now you don’t! Join us for this panel discussion featuring Eon Sinclair, Brittany Manu (Exmiranda), and Alison McLean as they reflect on the duality of the Black experience in Canada – hypervisibility|invisibility.

Although we are highly visible because of our Blackness, people often fail to see our full humanity and how systemic racism and exclusion affect all aspects of our lives. 

COME JOIN US AT OUR Second WORKSHOP: Authentic Inclusion & Awareness

Michael Jacques, who never surrenders to the idea of “can’t,” will speak about topics such as learning, inclusion, advocacy, independence, and the power of perseverance. His journey with Re:Action4Inclusion started in Grade 10, where he found his voice as a participant. He then became involved with Re:Action4Inclusion as an organizer and since then has given numerous presentations promoting this fabulous youth movement. Michael’s insights and views on the world are equally challenging and inspiring. Through his witty and positive voice, Michael offers a glimpse of what it is like to be his authentic self. 

JOIN US! All youth and supporters are welcome — you do not want to miss this session!  

Timely Issues

For ten years we have worked with youth to determine what youth need to be successful as engaged citizens and community leaders. These workshops deal with current issues and have been designed in collaboration with youth. 

Innovative Ideas

Everyone wants to be inclusive. Don’t wait to learn about ways to be innovative and creative so that all youth have the same opportunities and skills to succeed.

A New Generation

Generations of young people are eager to be a part of the communities around them and are inspired to engage with something bigger than themselves. These workshops are an opportunity to bring young people together, to collaborate and to make a collective impact.

Communication is Key

How can we make a difference if we can’t talk about the issue?  Being inclusive requires that we start the conversation about the barriers youth with and without a disability are facing so that we can work together to create a solution. These workshops are a great way to do just that.

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