Our stories hold the power to inspire others to realize their potential, be engaged citizens and build a strong foundation for inclusion. If you want to inspire change through the art of storytelling, strengthen youth voices and meet young leaders from across Canada, join Reaction4Inclusion, Community Living Ontario and the Beanstalk Project for this three-part masterclass.


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About the EVENT

Are you a young Canadian (14-25 ) with a vision for a more inclusive Canada? Do you aspire to create meaningful change and inspire others?

Learn the art of storytelling from youth leaders, gain new skills for creating change and learn what your experience can teach others. The three-part series starts on November 26th!


this is a Free event 

Session One

Thursday, November 26th, 2020

1:00pm-3:00 pm EST 

Finding Your Story: Uncovering the Moments That Make You Unique

Session Two

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

1:00pm-3:00 pm EST 

Telling Your Story: Transforming Ordinary Experiences into Extraordinary Lessons

Session Three

Thursday, December 10th, 2020

1:00pm-3:00 pm EST 

Amplifying Your Story: Getting Your Message To Those Who Need It

Speakers 2020

Dobijoki Emanuela Bringi 

Dobijoki Emanuela Bringi is a Learner, Educator, Speaker, Social Service Worker and Personal Development Mentor. One of Dobijoki’s most favourite things to do is to travel; travel physically, mentally and emotionally. Dobijoki see’s travelling as a metaphor for growth and is committed to supporting young people in reaching their full potential by owning their Power Stories™. Dobijoki Emanuela is the founder of Dobijoki Personal Development, a service which uses an African-centred lens in supporting people in owning their Power Stories™. Dobijoki also uses her platform to amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous, and marginalized communities through her radio show and podcast, You are Power Radio.

Joel Hilchey

Joel Hilchey wants to change how people think about success, because too many people spend their time doing stuff they don’t really care about. He studied environmental engineering, teaches sustainability at McMaster University, writes about leadership, and is often remembered as the speaker at conferences who juggles mousetraps. Mostly though, he tries to be a good dad, husband, and friend, so he only really works part-time. Joel has two books – one that’s illustrated, and another one about becoming fearlessly creative. He founded a youth engagement initiative called The Beanstalk Project, is chair of the board of the world-renowned Hamilton Children’s Choir, and sang for 10 years in (arguably) Canada’s best barbershop quartet. He recently started taking circus classes, and he also loves to travel, cook, do yoga, and taste exotic foods, but that stuff is just for fun.

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson, a self-proclaimed spiritual nomad, is an artist, poet, photographer, cultural documentarian, public speaker, and a strategic analyst whose mission in life is to explore the beauty of the Earth and its inhabitants. A proud Dine (Navajo) man who was born and raised on the Navajo Nation, he’s lived in many cities across Turtle Island and even had a short stint in Shanghai, China. You might remember Anthony and his husband, Dr. James Makokis, from the  AMAZING RACE CANADA. Anthony Johnson’s story is one of hope, overcoming adversity and activism. He is passionate to bring awareness to the importance to abolish social constructions and systematic segregation and to replace it with equality. Johnson is regularly involved with activism, community engagement and is passionate in teaching others and promoting wellness, resilience and hope for everyone he comes in touch with.