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Student Lead Ashlyn Fairbanks

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Grey Highlands Secondary School

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We believe that change must be made in our community because we have witnessed firsthand that the majority of students do not know the capabilities of students who have a disability. We know that these students should not be segregated and separated from the rest of society, and they should never be left out of anything that everyone else is able to do. Unfortunately, not many students in our school are conscious that this is happening, nor do they understand the barriers that are limiting opportunities for students who have a disability. Therefore, someone must teach them and that’s what we have been working together to do. There has been a negative stigma created in our school towards students with disabilities. Events like “code circle,” where the halls get shut down perpetuate stereotypes and negative thinking about disability.  We have also noticed the power of existing negative attitudes and how these are passed on to younger students and then change the way they feel or act with others.

Our goal for this project is to educate students in our school about disability, accessibility and about being more inclusive, to allow them to learn how to be authentically inclusive with ALL fellow students. We also want to allow students with disabilities, our close friends, to actively participate in and help organize events that occur in the school, such as school events, clubs and Student Council.  Some of our relatives and close friends since grade one, who we saw every day in elementary school, are unable to join us in school social activities and events. We want them to have the same social experiences that youth typically enjoy in high school.


For the 2018/2019 school year, we hope to recruit and educate more students in our school on authentic inclusion and hopefully have more students help make change with us! We also hope to raise awareness on the issues of segregation and a lack of inclusion in the communities surrounding our school with art installations. We want to continue as a group and a school to grow and make change for the better, allowing everyone to have a sense of belonging in our community. 


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