F.J. Brennan Community Garden


Student Lead Nick Harris

“In an ever changing and complex world we have constructed a society that revolves around one simple concept: time. At birth we are all given a certain amount, but it is up to the individual to decide in what way they are going to spend it. My name is Nicholas Harris and since I was young I have always believed in the philosophy of investment. The idea that what you put into life is what you are going to get out of it – not strictly in monetary sense but instead one of gratitude, friendship and solidarity. Through my many experiences during my 16 years on this earth and from the values that they have instilled within me, I have put together a project that I believe is worth an investment.”

Schools Involved

F.J. Brennan

St. Joseph’s 

Our Community Partners


The F. J. Brennan  Community Garden is a project that aims to improve both the quality of education our students receive, and the promotion of an environment of inclusivity and solidarity. Our project shall connect students, regardless of ability, and foster a relationship of true authenticity. We believe that through the creation of raised garden boxes we can provide hands on learning experience for our students. Furthermore we wish to grow plants such as milkweed, which is pivotal to the reproduction process of monarch butterflies.

This will be done by mainstream students and by student with a developmental disability who attend special education classes at our school. Together, our students will learn hands on environmental skills that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Our students in the Geography, Science departments as well as the Tech department at St. Jospeh’s have been working together to bring their expertise and also their passion for a stronger community to this project.  In the classroom we plan to educate our students as to their environmental impact and to how they can make a difference in their local communities. This is done through the support of a local business: Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens. Colasanti’s has taken interest in our project and is sending a master gardener from their facility to educate our students on a monthly basis. Furthermore we plan to make two field trips annually to Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens, where students will not only enjoy the local attractions but also become instilled with the knowledge on how they can make a difference on a macro scale.

Our students are also dedicated to re-constructing the community atrium at our school. This is a place that students share and we want to bring students together to make it a place where everyone feels they belong. By being a part of the building, designing and gardening of this space,  all students will feel a sense of contribution to our school’s culture and community spaces. We are excited to have St. Joseph’s High School on board to help us construct our flower boxes!



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