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The Pen Pal Project aims to connect with youth across Canada that builds meaningful connections, belonging and inclusion. The youth will be creating a safe space that will empower the young people to continue their journey of leadership and make connections for endeavors that will help them to create a positive impact together.



Through the gesture of handwritten letters and connecting with their pen pals, the project aims to bring back the ‘human’ that attempts for genuine inclusion opportunities. In the long run, the project wants to create a safe space for all youth to recreate passion for community, getting to know people and connecting with people in this difficult time. The Pen Pal project will be exchanging letters of leadership and their powerful story of change and meet the pen pals at their webinar!


Social Media Awareness Campaign

Activity Day

Building Our Team

What We’ve Been Up To

Our Team

Some Swag to get people talking

celebrating easter for a cause

Our peers learning about one another

avon maitland dsb came to support out day! 

The barriers we identified

cameron and bailey with blake fly

the team at the gsls 2018

Community Partners from the City Joined Us!

the mannequin challenge


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