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The Toronto Youth Musician Commission are a passionate group of youth leaders Canada to be inspired to be confident in using music as a form of expression in ways that have meaningful outcomes for them as an individual. The YMC will lead this project by giving their peers the tools they will need to begin their journey as an artist and by building a community of youth that will appreciate our enthusiasm for music.



The Youth Musician Commission (YMC) of The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall presents their first-ever workshop series. This project is part of a series of Community Change Projects designed to empower youth with and without a disability to realize their role as active citizens and inform conversations on topics that impact their lives. Designed for youth by youth, the workshop series encourages young musicians to explore the process of music-making while creating a space to think critically about identity and actualize their ideas into music.


goals and objectives

The Youth Musician Commissions aims to empower people to share their music to promote an inclusive community. The objective of the series of workshops and establishing an online community called Discord is to form a community of similar minded peers/musicians who are passionate about promoting an inclusive Canada. Following our workshop, people in the community will share with us in a variety of ways how we changed their perception of inclusion and diversity of aspiring musicians.

What We’ve Been Up To

CHANGE PROJECT : The Toronto Youth Musician Council


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