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Re:Action4Inclusion is a movement of young people wanting to challenge society to change the way it approaches diversity and inclusion. Lead by a Youth Advisory Committee, the Re:Action4Inclusion Movement specifically seeks to raise the consciousness of Ontario’s citizens to question their perceptions of disability. Recognizing the negative perceptions of disability, held by our society, gives citizens an understanding of the impact these perceptions can have on an individual’s life. As we change the narrative on disability, Ontario’s citizens have developed a new appreciation for the contributions made by all members of the community. Students do this by educating their peers on societal misconceptions of disability and by becoming models of authentic inclusion. This is assisting youth and their allies to build communities that embrace a culture of equity and equal access for youth who have an intellectual disability. In collaboration, youth with and without disabilities are becoming leaders in their schools and community,activists for social justice and ambassadors of change.

Through their leadership, youth and their allies are continuously learning from one another. Re:Action4Inclusion has created spaces to support youth to have discussions that reframe the understanding of what inclusion is and requires from all of us individually and as a community. The impact is clear that stronger communities are the result of; bringing youth into decision making circles, attentively listening to young people and by giving them the opportunity to see their vision, for their community, become a reality.
This not only affects youth while they are in high school but into the future. When students work to be community builders in high school, they know what it takes to be community builders as adults. Civic engagement thus becomes a natural course of action and way of thinking. Doctors, teachers, police officers, industry specialists and engineers will all look and live with inclusion in mind, knowing where gaps in society exist. They will therefore be able to work at creating a society where individuals who have an intellectual disability are recognized as active and contributing citizens because communities will be built by leaders who successfully come together to show what is possible when people value and expect each other to contribute in a meaningful way.

Our Funders


Re:Action4Inclusion is a youth engagement initiative of Community Living Ontario. The initiative was launched in 2008. The Ontario Trillium Foundation began funding the intiative in October 2014. This funding created new opportunities for the creation of tools and resources.

This includes:

  • Continuing the highly anticipated annual Leadership Summit
  • Providing an opportunity for local youth groups to create Community Change Projects at their schools
  • Providing resources to develop process tools and opportunities for engagement; so young people can have honest conversations on how to challenge the barriers that hinder full inclusion for youth who have an intellectual disability.

We would like to thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their support and acknowledge their commitment to youth.

Leadership Summit 2019

Where: Kingbridge Conference Centre and Institute
When: March 29 & 30 2019