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The R4I YAC team is comprised of youth from across the province dedicated to inclusion and community building. They meet regularly to share ideas toward initiatives within the movement, ranging from workshops to our upcoming 10 year anniversary’s R4I Leadership Summit to take place in King City March 2019. This ambitious bunch is always sprouting new ideas, so stay tuned with the page to stay in the loop!






From left to right: Morgan, Eva, Jesse, Abbie, Nick, Gavin (Absent from photo Cameron, Olivia and Ashlyn) 

Our 2019 Goals

amplify youth voice and ideas

Promote inclusion on various levels among the self, family, school, and community.

Plan and coordinate TWO R4I summits for youth across ontario.

initiate change to better the community by encouraging youth citizenship

Recap: September YAC Meeting

On September 12th,  Re:Action4Inclusion’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) gathered together for their first meeting to begin planning for this year’s provincial youth summits to be held in October and November 2019. Youth met online, via video conference, to discuss plans for the coming year and to meet with the northern summit commitee about details for the Port Sydney event. 

The committee grounded the discussion in how to improve the experiences for youth and their allies at this year’s events. Advisors discussed the overarching values and principles that have sparked momentum in the movement, how to alleviate anxiety for new participants and new ideas for hosting this year’s program. 

The group will be meeting again in a few weeks on September 26th from 6:30-8:00 pm. 


Youth Advisory Council Members 2019

Photo of Student Ambassador Katrina

Abbie Lives in: Simcoe, ON

“The one thing that I am going to contribute to the Council is my passion advocating for others and myself.  My vision for the Movement in the New Year is to create greater awareness about the Movement and continue to advocate for inclusion for all.I want Canada to be a more inclusive and positive country that listens to the voices of the youth as citizens. 

Photo of Student Ambassador Domenica

Morgan Lives in: South Grenville, ON

“I wanted to join the youth advisory committee because I wanted to be part of the solution. Everyone deserves true inclusion but most people don’t experience it. I am fighting to change that. In this new year I hope to see Re:Action4Inclusion reach more youth and more schools. I hope to see more youth from Ottawa valley, where I’m from, getting involved and helping challenge the stigma around disabilities.”

Photo of Student Ambassador Chantelle

Jesse Lives in: Bancroft, ON

“I want to be able to give ideas and help support community change.  I can’t do it all but we can work together to make difference. I want to give everybody a chance to see what we can accomplish and make sure that everybody gets to show their strengths.”
Photo of Student Ambassador - Parker

Ashlyn Lives in: Flesherton, ON

“As a part of the Council, I hope to contribute my passion and motivation, and work to allow more youth to join the movement and find their voice in supporting an authentically inclusive province. I want to aid in supporting youth who wish to make positive changes like I do! I hope that in the new year the movement can become a second family and a support system for more youth like it has for me, and I hope that this year the movement can bring more awareness surrounding inclusion to smaller, more isolated communities.



I want Canada to be a country where all human beings are not only tolerated, but authentically included in a safe and comforting space. People living in Canada should feel a sense of community everywhere they go, and Canada needs to be a country that other regions look up to. In today’s world, Canada also needs to become a more sustainable and mindful country regarding the environment and the creatures that live within it.

Photo of Student Ambassador Abbey

Kelly Lives in: Port Sydney, ON

Hello my name is Kelly. I am a change for inclusion. I feel empowered to share my story. Everyone counts. I am proud about Re:Action4Inclusion. I am involved sharing an important message at Huntsville High school. So many good things to do! I prepared a photoboard and shared my story at SEAC. They loved it and I felt incredible! I am excited to join the Youth Advisory Committee.

Photo of Student Ambassador Abbey

Eva Lives in: Stratford, ON

“I support the mission, visions and value of Re:action4Inclusion because I believe it is important that everyone realizes that even though everyone is different, everyone has value and is equally important, no matter their appearance or abilities.”

Photo of Student Ambassador Abbey

Jeff  Lives in: Almaguin Highlands, ON

“I have been working on leadership for a while but I want to take the next step forward.  I want to inspire others to believe in themselves and their citizenship. I want Canada to be respected as a country because it is innovative in its approach to inclusion and diversity. I want Canadians not to judge people. Instead, I want people to respect one another. 

Photo of Student Ambassador Abbey

Olivia Lives in: Cayuga, ON

“I hope to contribute the passion I have for the movement and work really hard to be a good member of the group. I want Canada to be an inclusive and free place for people to live all equally and not be judged for who they are. People should not have to worry about going about there day and worrying about what might happen and whether or not they will be included or excluded. 

Photo of Student Ambassador Abbey

Duncan Lives in: Windsor, ON

In the future, I want Canada to be a country where young people who have an intellectual disability have a strong voice and a seat at decision-making tables. Today, young people aren’t heard and our voice sometimes gets swept under the rug. So today, we need people to recognize the experiences of others and to teach others how to to be an ally and listen. The true north where strong voices are heard and people are free to be themselves. 



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