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Creative, Innovative and Interactive




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Creative, Innovative and Interactive

A collaborative event that brings youth and community serving organizations together for a half day workshop focusing on inclusion and youth engagement in community. This workshop comes with FREE copies of our conversation handbook which includes several modules that will help you continue the conversation. We will train your group on how to facilitate these conversations in this workshop.  Click HERE to learn more about the resource.

Theme: Community Collaboration, Youth Leadership, Inclusion and Collective Impact

Let’s talk about the power of youth voice and how young people are born leaders! This workshop will get young people talking about their experiences and how they can inform change! The workshop will give individual participants a leadership profile that outlines their strengths and contributions. Have an initiative you want to kickoff? This workshop will give your group a foundation for knowing what skills you have at hand and who might be missing!

Theme: Leadership, Empowerment, Youth Voice


Don’t worry, this isn’t an assignment. That said, there are some really fun and interactive ways to inform your work. If you want to create change, you need to know what others in your school and greater communities are thinking about. We will show you how! Let us know what you want to learn, and we’ll help you facilitate some interactive activities to gather information that will inform your work.

Theme: Informing Change, Youth Facilitation, Interactive Research, Community Building

Your group has an idea, you’ve got a campaign or a project you want to work on. Now you need a plan of action to turn your ideas into reality! This interactive workshop will help your group design an implementation strategy through collaboration. Let’s make a plan together so your group has the time, resources and support to be successful!

Theme: Civic Engagement, Community Building, Strategic Planning

This workshop aims to give youth the opportunity to share their experiences and explore shared obstacles they have faced using spoken word poetry! The workshop helps youth identify the barriers in our society that exist for youth with and without a disability and highlights the idea that we are more alike than we are different.

Theme: Youth Experience, Creativity, Youth Voice, Youth Empowerment




This upcoming workshop will support youth to explore inner leadership traits that they can leverage for a positive impact in their communities! The workshop includes a dynamic session with a leadership expert and activities led by the Youth Advisory Committee that can guide us in our understanding of leadership.

There’s more! Andy Thibodeau’s exclusive resource is available right here! 

Theme: Leadership Traits, Effective Leadership, Making An Impact 

Timely Issues

For ten years we have worked with youth to determine what youth need to be successful as engaged citizens and community leaders. These workshops deal with current issues and have been designed in collaboration with youth in high school.

Innovative Ideas

Everyone wants to be inclusive. Don’t wait to learn about ways to be innovative and creative so that all youth have the same opportunities and skills to succeed.

A New Generation

Generations of young people are eager to be a part of the communities around them and are inspired to engage with something bigger than themselves. These workshops are an opportunity to bring young people together, to collaborate and to make a collective impact.

Communication is Key

How can we make a difference if we can’t talk about the issue?  Being inclusive requires that we start the conversation about the barriers youth with and without a disability are facing so that we can work together to create a solution. These workshops are a great way to do just that.

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