The Movement

Our Mission

Re:Action4Inclusion seeks to empower youth to take action individually and collectively to make our schools and communities more inclusive spaces.  Led by a Youth Advisory Committee, this movement seeks to change the Canadian narrative of disability and to help communities embrace young adults as community leaders and stakeholders. We support youth to facilitate conversations that will reframe the current understanding of ‘community’ and that will help us build neighbourhoods where all youth can thrive. 


Youth with and without a disability, with the support of adult allies, had the vision to inspire a movement of people that would influence social change. Using their collective voices, this youth-driven advocacy movement is rewriting the narrative of disability held by our society.

What it Will Take

Members of the movement believe that an intentional effort to educate, convene and inspire people to think differently about “disability” is required in order for citizens to build communities where every person can be seen and expected to make valuable contributions. We also believe that meaningful relationships have the power to reduce community isolation.

What We Need To Change

Re:Action4Inclusion challenges negative perceptions of disability, assumptions of incompetency of individuals who have a disability, and the lack of options and autonomy that are a result of segregation and marginalization.

Youth: Their Role In This Movement

Re:Action4Inclusion has been a youth-driven movement since 2008. Led by a Youth Advisory Council, the direction, messages and initiatives of this movement are defined and carried out by youth. Community and school allies play a crucial role in supporting and empowering youth to take the lead. 

Who We Are

Re:Action4Inclusion is a provincial movement of youth, from across Ontario, that has steadily advocated for social change for over a decade. This movement is driven and empowered by youth leaders, with and without a disability, who see the importance of the basic human need to belong. This provincial network of youth is committed to overcoming the feelings of isolation and exclusion youth feel by embracing a culture of equity and inclusion. 

Collectively, youth and their allies are beginning to see the impact they can have as they take action to shift the culture of their schools, and communities, as agents of change. Re:Action4Inclusion believes that inclusion is a social justice issue, not simply a disability issue and recognizes there is a need to challenge negative bias and assumptions of disability.

Re:Action4Inclusion, has created spaces to support youth to have discussions that reframe the understanding of what inclusion is and requires from all of us individually and collectively. Using their lived experience to empower a collective vision, youth are influencing change and building an Ontario where all youth can thrive.