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“It is awesome to watch youth engaging in conversation around diversity and to think about how the might apply the lessons and ideas to their lives both in the short and long term. Inclusion is not a matter of “warm feelings” It’s a matter of civic responsibility. Inclusion is the only pathway we have to building a functioning and authentic world.”

– Gray William Ruffel, Hastings, New Zealand

For Stroud, it’s important to engage with young people on initiatives like the conference and the Huntsville Change Project.

“[The youth] are our future. They are going to be somebody’s employer, somebody’s co-worker, and somebody’s fellow college classmate. By planting seeds when these kids are still in high school, shifting perceptions, and having that peer-to-peer interaction around inclusion and belonging, it’s going to have a ripple effect beyond the walls of the high school, into communities and wherever these kids end up landing in life.”

– Cathy Stroud, CL Huntsville

I strongly feel that though my involvement with Reaction4Inclusion, and my attendance with them at the  2016 Inclusion International Conference, has influenced my thinking. After coming back to Toronto, having attended the Inclusion International Conference,  I personally feel that it  allowed me to feel much more grown up and to see things from a much bigger picture. My attendence at this confrence, with youth from the movement, has helped me to understand more about myself and how I can make my community and our society different.  Young people involved in this movement help to advocate for people who have a disability. I’ve learned how we, young people and their allies,  can come together and make this change. I believe that  companies should not only consider hiring qualified people but should also look at a variety of people in the community who may have a disability but who also have potential and can be highly productive.  I am looking forward to doing more work with Reaction4Inclusion as a mentor and Adult Ally. I want to make even more of  an effort to advocate and to allow myself to also inspire and to be a leader within my communiy to change our society. 

– Thomas Lui   Markham, ON  Adult Ally

“I first became aware of Re:Action at the Toronto Summer Institute in 2010. The youth were passionate, inspired and committed to affecting positive change in their schools and communities. In the years since, I have watched Re:Action change and grow into the movement that it is today. The students in our schools are our future … they will be the leaders and lawmakers of tomorrow, and their beliefs and values will shape our society in the years to come. Re:Action youth engage their peers and facilitate conversations on difficult topics like exclusion and segregation of students with disabilities. They lead by example by modeling an inclusive community in their schools. Re:Action is raising awareness and changing the culture of our schools to one of inclusion, diversity and community. Re:Action youth create that change one conversation and one person at a time, peer-to-peer. Their positive leadership impacts not only the students in our schools, but also our communities.”

– Christa Moniz, Cambridge, ON
Manager of Inclusion Supports, Community Living Cambridge

“What is a disability? It is a blessing or a curse? To me it could be both. But I don’t think of it as a curse I think of it as a blessing. When I first came to the Re:Action4Inclusion conference I didn’t know about my purpose until it changed me forever. Once I was able to use the lessons that I learned from the conference. It helped me change my community, my friends, my family and myself. As I was at the Re:Action4Inclusion conference,  I got a chance to meet people who are kind, friendly and happy to me. Than I realized that I have a purpose and that I am able to use my purpose to change my community for my friends, my family and myself. My tip to others is never stop trying or believeing in yourself because if you do then everything you have been working on would be for nothing. Never stop believing in your community and one day with faith, courage, heart and soul you and your community will become one. ”

– Jesse Mercier, Bancroft ON
Re:Action4Inclusion Student Ambassador

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