Community Change Projects


An Opportunity to Get Involved

Community Change Projects create the opportunity for high school aged youth to move from idea to action in order to address the injustices they identify in society.  They provide the space for youth to creatively address inclusion, channel their passion and develop a local project that feeds into the province wide inclusion movement.   

If you are a high school student, we encourage you to think about an idea for a change project at your school. Gather others who share your interest to participate in making change with your idea, identify an adult who will support your initiative for change and create an idea for a change project.

Community Change Projects must:

  • Create awareness
  • Promote the importance of the sense of belonging
  • Support the authentic inclusion of individuals with an intellectual disability

Inclusion is not just an issue for individuals who have a disability, it is an issue that affects everyone!

How it Works

In 2013, Re:Action4Inclusion received funding from the Trillium Foundation and over the last two years, groups of youth across Ontario have received approval to plan, organize and implement a plan of action in their school. Student Animators, those youth who take up the challenge to lead the group, are paid employees. Each project also is provided with a fund of money to help enhance the messaging that youth are sharing with their peers.

Check out some of the projects on this page! Or click on the Theory of Change to begin building a plan of action with your team!

Check out the Project Profiles below to see a few examples of what youth are already doing!

Change Project Theory of Change 

The Theory of Change is a resource that has been created to help you and your team connect the desired impact of your project with your project activities. This is to ensure that your project intentions are made clear from the beginning. Below you will see two handouts. One has labels with instructions that will promte you to think about different aspects of your project. The other is meant for you to work from. Both copies are printable. It is our hope that this resource is helpful to you! 

A completed Theory of Change is not required for a Change Project Application