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The Voices of Tomorrow change project aims to empower the voices of young people with and without a disability. The project outcome is to ensure that the youth of all abilities heard by sharing their voices with employers, and our community and what the experience around employment is like. The student leads are conducting a survey so youth voice is heard in our community and by providing employers with more skills and education around what youth want and need.



Several youth leads from Windsor and Essex County are leading a social impact project promoting inclusive employment for youth. The project, called “Voices of Tomorrow”, is part of a series of Community Change Projects designed to empower youth with and without a disability to realize their role as active citizens and inform conversations on topics that impact their lives. These projects are part of the Ontario Youth United campaign, which is being funded in part by Heritage Canada and Community Living Ontario as part of its provincial youth engagement initiative Re:Action4Inclusion.


goals and objectives

The “Voices of Tomorrow” Community Change Project seeks to reduce barriers for youth of all abilities who are preparing and eager to enter the workforce. Youth advisors from Windsor and Essex will have the opportunity to develop and design activities that will engage their communities to better understand what youth need to gain meaningful employment. As part of accomplishing these goals, the team will be conducting a survey to capture youth experiences around employment and developing a report which will include recommendations for decision-makers and employers. Any youth aged 14-29 from Windsor and Essex County who wish to provide their input are encouraged to fill out the survey, which can be found here: bit.ly/voices-of-tomorrow-survey

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