Our Change Makers

Student Project Leads 2017

Photo of Student Ambassador - Tristian

Lives in: St.Marys, ON
Grade: 9

“I think that inclusion should be a priority in 2017 because conversations around inclusion have started to impact our society. I believe that something that has had such an impact and something that will make the world a better place should not be stopped.”

Photo of Student Ambassador Katrina

Lives in: St.Marys, ON
Grade: 12

“Inclusion should be a priority for everyone because we are all different in many ways, we all have our differences and we all need to see each others differences as positives regardless of anything. It is 2017, we should all be working together to make sure everyone is included.”

Photo of Student Ambassador Domenica

Lives in: Markham, ON
Grade 12

“I enjoy hearing others share their stories and ideas at the events within my community (such as the Santa Claus Parade), and I am sure that there are many others who feel the same way. Everyone, regardless of their backgrounds or characteristics, deserve equal rights and opportunities to share their story!”

Photo of Student Ambassador Chantelle

Lives in: Waterford, ON
Grade: 12

“I believe that awareness and education on inclusion should be provided because a lot of the time people do not understand the depths and ways that they are being exclusive. I would like to have a community that stands together and is aware of the barriers that are able to get in the way of inclusion, but are able to look past them to create an environment where everyone feels welcome.”

Photo of Student Ambassador - Parker

Lives in: Belle River, ON
Grade: 12

“I value my community’s accepting nature but I want more opportunities for people with all abilities to find their place, whether it be in the workforce, community or a friend group.”

Photo of Student Ambassador Abbey

Lives in: Windsor, ON
Grade: 11

“Inclusivity contains an inherent value that should not be understated. When a society comes together and provides equal opportunity, all members are able to prosper equally within that society. I believe there is beauty in that.”

Photo of Student Ambassador Abbey

Lives in: Simcoe, ON
Grade: 12

“With our society’s developing ideas on equality, it is especially important to prioritize inclusion so that every person has the same opportunities and are recognized for their importance. This new year gives us the time to bring attention and awareness to the issues and conflicts that need to be overcome everywhere around us. Everyone’s happiness, support and acceptance should always be a priority.”

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