Taken from Summit Update                                                                                                                    November 2018

This year’s youth summit will be hosted by Re:Action4Inclusion’s provincial Youth Advisory Council. Re:Action4Inclusion’s Youth Advisory Council is made up of a number of leaders, currently in high school, who have been connected to the movement within the last three years. The group is responsible for providing direction to the provincial agenda, planning the provincial leadership summit and are key spokespeople for the movement.

In early July of 2018, student advisors from across the province came together for their second council meeting. At the meeting, they brought attention to key messages they wanted to share, planned out activities they wanted to bring to the program and new and exciting features of the conference we could use to celebrate the movement’s success. This year’s group of dynamic leaders has done an impressive job of making this year’s event relevant to young leaders. Their program includes a six-part workshop series, several diverse keynote speakers, and many social elements that will help participants get to know one another as they are introduced to this youth-led movement and its community.

In addition, to designing the program, this year’s leadership team will be running orientation events on Friday morning. At this year’s summit, students will be pre-organized into leadership teams with other youth from across the province.  You will want to be there early so youth leaders can meet their team and leader and take a tour of the venue before the summit kicks off. Members of the advisory council will be assigned as team leads, will walk youth through debrief sessions following keynote speakers, will facilitate workshops and will also be key contacts for participants who may need support throughout the event.

To learn more about this inspiring group of young people and what they have to say please visit our website HERE! In the coming months, leading up to conference we will include articles about each of the advisory council members so as you prepare to attend this year’s event, you can learn more about this year’s hosts!