Taken from Summit Update                                                                                                                                      January 2019

In the spirit of celebration Re:Action4Inclusion will be, for the first time ever, honoring youth changemakers who have gone above and beyond to bring inclusion and youth leadership to their schools and greater communities. We want to acknowledge the contributions and integrity of the young people and allies who have set fire to this movement and who have brought great momentum for change to Ontario over the last ten years.

Re:Action4Inclusion will be calling for nominations from you, to acknowledge young leaders and allies across Ontario during the month of February. A committee has been created and a selection process will be completed in early March. We are asking adults and youth to nominate a peer or young person from your community that you feel is deserving of such an award. We are also asking youth leaders, to consider nominating an adult ally who has gone above and beyond to support youth leadership in your community. 

The following is a list of each of the five awards:

Empowerment Award: A youth who believes in the power of ideas and who uses their lived experiences to inform others. A natural communicator and a leader who has the ability to motivate people to think and act differently.

Visionary Award: A youth who shows resiliency in challenging the status quo. An alternative thinker and problem solver, who is able to hold a vision, share it with others and who inspires others to rally around their vision.

 Authenticity Award: A youth who is a natural community builder who sees the gifts in others and who has the capacity to inspire others to connect with each other and see relevance in one another. A youth leader, who is consistently a team player and who takes a genuine interest in others.

 Action Award:  A critical thinker who is mindful of the perceptions of others and who uses alternative ways to impact and create greater awareness about harmful mindsets and limiting narratives. A natural leader whose actions have had a clear impact on their community or the experience of another young person.

 Ally Leadership Award:  An adult ally in your community or school who does what is needed to provide inclusive and safe spaces for youth to feel heard and respected. A person who genuinely believes in the power of youth voice and who makes youth feel like an equal. (youth nominations only)

To read a full description and the criteria for each award and, to access a nomination form please email us.

All nominations should be submitted by email and can be sent to All award nominations must be submitted by Thursday February 28th, 2019 at 4:00 pm.

Have questions? Call us 1-800-278-8025 Ext. 249 and ask for Emily Branje, Youth Partnership and Project Advisor at Community Living Ontario.