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Happy Summer to all youth leaders, adult allies, and supporters!

Thank you for being a part of the Re:Action4Inclusion movement. Your participation and contributions continue to inspire and strengthen youth leadership!

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Are you interested in youth advocacy and youth-led workshops? Are you a change-maker with a vision and passion for an inclusive world?

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is currently recruiting members for the 2022–2023 term. We need youth advocates to lead our movement and help us empower young people.

Who you are:  

  • Youth from ages 13–29
  • An individual who has a passion for empowering and representing youth voices across Ontario

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Be part of a purposeful organization aligned with your values and mission
  • Have the opportunity to work with like-minded youth across Ontario to break down barriers to inclusion

Register Here!


DISRUPT! Educational Workshop Series: YOUth ACTivism 101

The DISRUPT! Educational Workshop Series is a series of educational workshops for ALL students, youth, supporters, educators, self–advocates and passionate community-builders. The themes of the workshops are designed for like-minded youth to come together to exchange ideas, share powerful stories and learn more about creative ways to promote an inclusive Canada.

During the YOUth ACTivism 101 session of this workshop series, our youth advisors provided their own intersectional perspective on what youth activism means to them and how others can get started on our activism journey. The advisors facilitated important discussions about youth activism and how it has been carried out globally, referencing Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thunberg, and Autumn Peltier.

Advisors shared intimate stories and firsthand accounts of their experiences engaging in activism and how they overcame challenges that came their way. They highlighted the role social identities play in accessing activism by explaining how our biases and privileges mould our ability to engage in activism.

The YOUth ACTivism 101 session successfully wrapped up with a Q&A and a call to join our many initiatives, including the Youth Advisory Committee 2022–2023, sibling meet-ups, YAC Social Nights, and Voices of Tomorrow.

Did you miss the session? Don’t worry—you can still watch the recording.

Don’t miss out on upcoming DISRUPT! workshops! ALL youth, with and without a disability, are welcome to join these conversations. YOU are the leaders we are looking for!


Leading for Inclusion: Youth Speaker Series

Leading for Inclusion: Youth Speaker Series is a YAC-led social media campaign to raise awareness of the importance of youth leadership in empowering voices and making our schools and communities more inclusive spaces. This series provides a platform for youth to learn from one another and suggest ideas that can transform communities. Each speaker has unique experiences and stories that promote social justice, hope, and compassion. The goal of this campaign is to make all community spaces safe and inclusive for everyone.

Want to stand up for what you believe in? Want to make a difference as a youth leader?

The YAC is continuing the Leading for Inclusion: Youth Speaker Series to promote youth leadership and voices. Follow us on Instagram @r4inclusion and stay tuned to hear more stories and personal experiences from our youth advisors!


Siblings: Citizens with a Cause Virtual Meet-up Sessions

Siblings: Citizens with a Cause is an inclusive program, led by five inspirational siblings who are part of Re:Action4Inclusion. These siblings hold virtual meet-up sessions specifically for youth advocates and allies of a sibling with a disability. The virtual meet-up sessions are held monthly and provide an opportunity for siblings to connect with other siblings in order to share the joys, challenges, and responsibilities of being a sibling that are rarely discussed.

The virtual meet-up sessions for the past five months have provided a safe space for both siblings and adult allies to share and discuss challenges. These youth-led sessions have centred around the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on personal relationships, feelings and emotions around advocacy, and the challenges faced by siblings around employment and career development.

Through the candid conversations that took place in this safe space, both siblings and adult allies were able to share and learn from each other’s experiences. Together they tackled the impacts of COVID-19 by coming together to form stronger relationships and encouraging each other to pursue goals and passions that have started over the pandemic. Sharing personal stories of advocacy efforts for themselves or their siblings translated into a discussion about the powerful qualities each participant has learned through engaging in advocacy work. Discussions around employment and expectations led to valuable lessons that can be implemented while navigating career development, drawing on lessons learned from their siblings into their current and future careers.

Don’t miss out on our next siblings virtual meet-up session! Stay tuned for all details on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

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